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Planning for the Common Good

Appeals to the ‘common good’ or ‘public interest’ have long been used to justify planning as an activity. While often criticised, such appeals endure in spirit if not in name as practitioners and theorists seek ways to ensure that planning operates as an ethically attuned pursuit. Yet, this leaves us with the unavoidable question as to how an ethically sensitive common good should be understood. In response, this book proposes that the common good should not be conceived as something pre-existing and ‘out there’ to be identified and applied or something simply produced through the correct configuration of democracy. Instead, it is contended that the common good must be perceived as something ‘in here,’ which is known by engagement with the complexities of a context through employing the interpretive tools supplied to one by the moral dimensions of the life in which one is inevitably embedded. This book brings into conversation a series of thinkers not normally mobilised in planning theory, including Paul Ricoeur, Alasdair MacIntyre and Charles Taylor. These shine light on how the values carried by the planner are shaped through both their relationships with others and their relationship with the ‘tradition of planning’ – a tradition it is argued that extends as a form of reflective deliberation across time and space. It is contended that the mutually constitutive relationship that gives planning its raison d’être and the common good its meaning are conceived through a narrative understanding extending through time that contours the moral subject of planning as it simultaneously profiles the ethical orientation of the discipline. This book provides a new perspective on how we can come to better understand what planning entails and how this dialectically relates to the concept of the common good. In both its aim and approach, this book provides an original contribution to planning theory that reconceives why it is we do what we do, and how we envisage what should be done differently. It will be of interest to scholars, students and practitioners in planning, urban studies, sociology and geography.

Reclaiming the University for the Public Good

This book asks how we can reclaim the university for the public good. The editors and contributors argue that the sector is in crisis, accelerated by the passing of the UK Higher Education Research Act in 2017 and made visible during the University and College Union strikes in April 2018. In response to this, there are widespread demands to reclaim the university and protect education as a public good, using co-operative structures. Taking an interdisciplinary and social justice perspective, the editors and contributors offer concrete examples of alternative higher education: in doing so, analysing how the future of the university can be recovered. This intersectional volume discusses a broad range of approaches to higher education while disseminating new ideas. It will be of interest and value to those disenchanted with the current state of higher education in the UK and beyond, as well as activists and policy makers.

Javascript : The Good Parts: The Good Parts

Find Javascript by Douglas Crockford in Paperback and other formats in Computers > Programming Languages - JavaScript.

The Best of the Word for Today

Find The Best of the Word for Today by Bob Gass in Paperback and other formats in Religion > Devotional.

The Globalization of Russian Gas

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Gazprom has dominated the Russian gas industry. However, the markets in which it operates have changed dramatically, with the company increasingly being challenged at home and abroad. At this critical moment, this insightful book analyses the involvement of the Russian gas industry in the changing international gas market and the dramatic implications for Russia’s role as a global supplier of gas in the future.

Essential Tips for Buying Auto Insurance

Get the best car insurance for you at the best price by knowing all the information about car insurance.

Tips and Tricks for Using Credit Cards

Anyone who has ever used a credit card knows that a credit card can be a good thing or a bad thing. While they provide financial flexibility when needed, they can also lead to difficult financial burdens if used inappropriately. Before reloading again, please consider the suggestions in this article, and you will have a full new understanding of the potential that these tools offer.

What should I do for car insurance?

How to buy car insurance? The most important thing is to know how to buy auto insurance.

Making It Easy To Save Big On Auto Insurance Packages

Choosing the right auto insurance for your family is an important decision. The coverage can help to protect a substantial investment, your car. The cost can affect your budget. With so many policies to choose from, it can become confusing to decide which one is best for you. In this article, we will discuss some tips that can help in the auto insurance selection process.

List Of Best Home Equity Loan Rates

As with any loan, the person with the highest credit score will be entitled to the highest interest rate. The banks that provide these services will place more stringent requirements on your credit score and the equity in your property. Here are the best interest rates we can find among lenders who still offer home equity loans

Steps Of Making First Trade With Etrade

The steps for using ETrade for the first transaction are similar to those for any land-based financial institution. The main difference is that you can use ETrade to trade online rather than in person. You can use ETrade for your first trade anywhere you have an internet connection, and you don't need to talk to anyone or hear any selling points before or after the purchase. Your transaction costs may also be lower than those of traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

Home Equity Advice For Different Ages

The basic principle of building home equity is the same for everyone (paying off as much mortgage as possible), but in today's financial environment, different generations face different challenges. Therefore, no matter how old we are, we've put together some tips on building home equity.

Easy Steps of Applying for a Credit Card

​When the first time we applying for a credit card, we may feel a little nervous. Because there is always a frustrating possibility that it will not be approved. Here is a step by step guide on how to get an approved credit card. With this guidlines you can increase your chances of success.

U.S. Credit Card Application Tips

It is essential to apply for a credit card to live in the United States.

2022 Metromile Insurance Review

Metromile's pricing is mainly based on mileage. For people who don't drive often, the charge is low.