What should I do for car insurance?

Buying a car is like choosing a girlfriend, you always like to pick and choose, this is not good, that is not beautiful. It's the same with buying a car. Not only do you have to shop around and take great pains to choose the model you are satisfied with, but after you buy the car, you also have to take care of the maintenance and refueling. In addition, the most important and headache is: how to buy car insurance? The most important thing is to know how to buy auto insurance.

Traffic insurance - must buy

The full name of the traffic insurance is "motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance", since it is compulsory insurance, the name means that you must buy, if not buy caught but to be fined. But the cost of traffic insurance is low, so the amount of compensation is also very limited, including death and disability up to 110,000; medical expenses up to 10,000 yuan; and property damage, that is, crashing someone else's car, then the maximum compensation is only 2,000 yuan. So even if you buy the traffic insurance, but really serious traffic accidents, then the insurance can compensate the amount of compensation is very limited, so buy the traffic insurance is not enough. But here it is important to note that traffic insurance can only compensate others. For example, if you drive into a railing, then the traffic insurance will not pay you.

Third party liability insurance - pay for others

Traffic insurance is not enough to compensate people Rolls Royce how to do? Then you have to buy third party liability insurance, it refers to the insured in the use of the insurance vehicle in the process of an accident, resulting in third party suffered personal injury or property damage, according to the law should be borne by the insured liability, the insurance company is responsible for compensation. Simply put, third party liability insurance is responsible for compensating other people's cars, people and other items. For example, if you hit someone else's car, the maximum compensation for the traffic insurance can only be 2000 yuan, then the rest of the money will be contracted by the third-party liability insurance to help you. However, third party liability insurance is also based on the cost you buy to determine the amount of compensation, the amount of compensation are 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 500,000, 1 million, etc.

Car damage insurance - pay for your own car

The two previously mentioned are to compensate others, the next will be able to pay for their own insurance. The first is the car damage insurance, this is very understandable, is your car in a traffic accident or other causes of damage (except for the earthquake), this insurance can be compensated, as long as not more than the value of the vehicle, how much damage to the vehicle will pay. However, although the car damage insurance pay more, but also the most expensive insurance inside.

Liability insurance for people in the car - pay for your own people

Car insurance only pays for your own car, so what about injuries to people in the car? This is the time to talk about the car liability insurance, this insurance is mainly to compensate their own car occupants, but in the purchase can choose to pay only the driver or all the people in the car, personally or recommended to buy compensation for all the people in the car, because the car can not always be a person driving.

Deductible insurance - try to buy

Deductible insurance is more like a derivative of the above four types of insurance, because once there, the insurance company will not help you pay the full amount, it may only help you pay 80%, if you hit a Rolls Royce or more expensive models, even if there is insurance to help you pay 80%, but the remaining 20% is estimated to be very difficult to eat. And if you buy deductible insurance, then the insurance company will help you pay the full amount to others.

Additional insurance - buy depending on the situation

In addition to the above, there are some situations that cause damage to your own vehicle, and the insurance company will not necessarily pay you. For example, your car was deliberately scratched by other people, and this time and can not find people, find the insurance company will not pay you money, this time you need to specifically buy scratch insurance. For example, if your car is parked on the roadside and stolen, you need to have theft insurance to pay you. In addition, there is also water insurance, spontaneous combustion insurance and so on, according to the literal meaning is to know this is in which the case can pay out, you can look at the actual situation to buy.


The above is to give you some auto insurance tips, personal advice in front of 5 kinds of insurance to buy, and like scratch insurance, theft insurance, water insurance, spontaneous combustion insurance and so on these according to their actual situation to buy. Of course, insurance is only a role in reducing the cost of losses, the key is to comply with the rules of the road, pay attention to driving safety.