2022 Metromile Insurance Review


Monthly usage based premium for temporary drivers.

User friendly online dashboard for account management.

There is a mobile application.

For those who drive less than 10000 miles a year, it may be cheap.

Pet injury protection is included in most all risk policies.


Your driving will need to be monitored at any time, with few exceptions.

There are more complaints than other companies of similar size.

This may not be a good choice for people who often drive long distances.

Many customers complain.

The discount is not much.

Monthly premium fluctuates.

Not available nationwide.

Metromile exclusively sells miles of car insurance policies. The company estimates that people who drive less than 10000 miles a year can save hundreds of dollars a year. If you don't drive often and don't mind tracking your driving, Metro's pay per mile service may be what you want.

In November 2021, lemonade announced that it would acquire meta miles in 2022.

How much does metromile auto insurance cost?

Metromile's auto insurance rate is divided into two parts: basic rate and per mile rate, usually a few cents per mile. The base rate and cost per mile were initially determined based on many factors used by other insurance companies, such as age, driving history and credit. Your monthly fee is equal to the rate per mile multiplied by the number of miles you drove in the previous month, plus your base rate.

Using a device plugged into the car's diagnostic port, Metro's application can track your driving behavior, including mileage, average speed, turning or braking, and your driving time every day.

Drivers in some states may see changes in rates based on driving behavior. For example, in Arizona, Illinois, Oregon, and Virginia, metromile uses average speed, time of day, and which day of the week to help determine rates. In Virginia, the time spent on each trip is also taken into account.

Mitelimes announced in May 2021 that it would begin to let policyholders pay premiums and accept bitcoin compensation.

Will you save money with metromile?

Metromile's pricing is mainly based on mileage. For people who don't drive often, the charge is low. Suppose your base rate is $40 per month and 5 cents per mile.

If you drive 500 miles in a month, your total insurance premium will be (500 x $0.05) + 40 dollars, a total of $65 ($25 + $40).

If you drive twice as many cars a month, or average 1000 miles, your total income will be $90 ($50 + 40).

But suppose your metro base price is $60 and the price per mile is 10 cents.

The cost of driving 500 miles a month is $110 ($50 + 60).

If you drive 1000 miles in the same month, it costs $160.

If you get a quote from metro, it's wise to estimate the typical driving cost for a month to see if you can save money.